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Why Choose CPM Landscaping, Inc. for your gutter cleaning needs?

Gutter and downspout cleaning:

During our gutter cleaning process we will confirm that the roof, gutters, and downspouts are free of debris and functional.  Everything above ground will be inspected and free flowing.

Downspouts that connect to underground piping:

We will use forced air or water to check underground pipes that are connected to downspouts.  We recommend having cleanouts installed for inspection purposes.  Cleanouts can be added to existing downspouts.  The cleanout will also act as an overflow if the pipes underground become clogged or frozen during winter months.  Our goal is to locate and confirm that the underground pipes are free of debris and free flowing.  If we notice a problem we will notify you and give you options to correct the problem.

Clogged underground piping:

The main reasons that underground piping gets clogged are:

  • Lack of seasonal gutter cleaning resulting in debris accumulation
  • Pop ups that are not cleaned out on a regular basis
  • Corrugated pipe that has collected debris on the inside ribbed areas since the interior is not smooth.
  • Corrugated pipe or thin wall pipe that has collapsed or become disconnected
  • Tree roots that penetrate the pipe since it provides a water source
  • Pipe being disturbed or damaged during construction
  • Pipe outlet’s covered or blocked
  • Foreign debris including kid and dog toys

How to repair a clogged underground pipe:

If we encounter a clogged underground pipe we will notify and provide an estimate to correct the problem. Sometimes replacement of the pipe is required. Depending on the issue we have as a resource an underground camera system to help recognize issues before excavation is needed.

Any further questions please call the office and our specialist will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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“Jose and his crew were here this morning. They were all very courteous and hard working. They were driven to do an excellent job.”

Mike Manning

“We would like to thank all of you at CPM for a job well done. Less that a week after receiving J.D.’s Estimate, your crew came and completed our job in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner. While probably not the largest job you had going, we were impress with the way in which our job was done.”

Jim and Pat Aubry

“I really appreciated that Honey Do List special you ran this fall. It really helped me to maintain my property and get ready for winter. You came prepared with all the equipment needed and equipment I DID NOT HAVE. A weight had been lifted off my shoulders. ”

Linda Rummel

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