Spring at CPM Landscaping means…digging in!

Now’s the time when everything you’ve planned and prepared bursts into bloom. We can install landscapes, refresh beds with a new blanket of mulch, prepare the lawn with food and prevention for a green season, and so much more.

Landscape and plant installation

  • Make those winter dreams a reality!
  • Give plants a chance to root before hot weather takes a toll

Mulching and weeding

  • Give your place a facelift
  • Prepare plants for a robust growing season
  • Keep beds looking tidy all season long

Lawn fertilization and weed prevention

  • Keep your grass healthy and green
  • Avoid dandelions and other weeds

Lawn mowing

  • Establish a schedule that works for your lawn
  • Enjoy without weekly hassle

Gutter cleaning

  • We get up on the ladders and handle the mess
  • Prepare your home for spring downpours


  • Remove dead and broken branches
  • Enjoy beautiful, healthy plants all year

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