Thoughtful pruning is our best-kept secret to creating a beautiful landscape

By hand, one branch at a time

Using shears or clippers to hack back bushes and plants is a fast route to ruining a landscape. It’s not just ugly. It damages your expensive plant material. You don’t get the lush landscape you want, and you end up paying more in the long run for replacement installations. Yet many landscapers go this route because it’s cheaper (and they often don’t have the experienced help to do pruning right).




CPM Landscaping always recommends hand-pruning. That’s how they do it at botanical gardens like Longwood, and it’s one reason those places always look abundant and lush. Hand-pruning gives your plants beautiful shape. It helps them grow thick and green in the right places, without weird dead spots and twigs. Yes, it costs a little more, but it gives you the results you want for your beautiful home.


Our professional horticulturalists are trained in all 5 major types of pruning and will bring their expertise to each plant on your property:

Selective pruning

Maintenance pruning

Corrective pruning

Rejuvenational pruning


  • Only for a very few formal and hardy plants
  • Crisp, precise and aesthetic