Love your yard and gardens…without the work

A gorgeous setting for your home

When you’ve bought a beautiful house, you want it to look its best all year. But creating and maintaining a gorgeous landscape takes a lot of work. Plants grow, leaves fall, weeds invade…nature never quits! CPM works with you to realize the yard and gardens of your dreams, and then keep them beautiful for you.


A comfortable collaboration where you’re in control

Our experts are easy to talk with. They bring issues to your attention. They hear your ideas and expectations. CPM will work closely with you to create a customized plan for maintaining your property all year round, just the way you like it.


Big dreams and visions? Bring them on!

CPM’s landscapers have an amazing talent for creating useful, satisfying spaces in your yard. We’re brilliant at understanding your needs and visions, and coming up with proposals that take your breath away. Let’s plan together and start creating the landscape of your dreams.


We do the heavy lifting. You relax and enjoy.

You have better things to do — like work, travel and enjoy time with family. Unless gardening is your hobby (and sometimes even then!) keeping up with constant yardwork can be a chore. Let CPM make it easy for you.


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