Professional, reliable care for your business or Home Owners’ Association

Our clients call our service “phenomenal”

We know you’re busy. You want the place to look shipshape all the time, as a reflection on your management and business. So do we. So we focus on regular communication with frequent updates, as well as thoughtful care of lawns, beds and landscapes. We’ll point out small issues before they become problems, and provide feeding and prevention at just the right times of year.

A handsome entry to your business

Businesses need “curb appeal” as much as any home. The look and feel of your entryway, parking lots, lawns and planters tell customers a lot about you before they set foot in your door. CPM specializes in bringing great design and superb maintenance to every business client.

Keeping the home owners’ association beautiful

We work closely with homeowners’ association boards and property managers to meet and exceed the high standards residents hold for their homes. It’s not just the professional landscaping services, but our attention to detail and regular communication that make the big difference.

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Plants and trees

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